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Cellulon evoMouse: virtual computer mouse

Cellulon evoMouse: virtual computer mouse.
Cellulon evoMouse: virtual computer mouse

Should not take the title literally, it goes on genetic mutants, and a computer manipulator, recent dramatic changes we are seeing in more distant in the nineties, when the ball came to replace the optical “mouse“. Company engineers Cellulon ended that it was time to hold another technological revolution in this segment.

To do this they used the idea that a little over six months ago has filed a talented inventor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The result came to light yet another virtual computer mouse, dubbed Cellulon evoMouse. The device is placed directly on the table and makes it a small area in front of him at the touchpad.

Users can perform all the same steps as with a real mouse, only without her. In addition, supported, and standard multi-touch commands such as zoom, rotate pictures, go back and forth in internet surfing, and much more. You can even use the device as a virtual keyboard. Unfortunately, nothing is reported about the price and release date Cellulon evoMouse. But at least you know that this is not a concept, and the gadget really exists. We shall await developments.

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