Everything you need to know about IOT

IOT, or Internet Of Things, is among the newer technologies in today's marketplace. Internet of things is connecting many electronics together so they can exchange information with each other.

Imagine walking into your house and having the lights turn on automatically. This is the main motive of IOT. Having things work together in order to create a better user experience.

Everything you need to know about IOT

How most of these work is through a network that consists of a Base, some different IOT devices, and in most cases, a smartphone. Let's Elaborate.

Some IOT products employ a smartphone as the base, while other products use a dedicated base, like an Amazon Echo, or Google Home. The user is expected to give instructions through his/her voice.

IOT Devices
These may range from smart fridges to smart washing machines. Smart LED light bulbs are very popular as well.

If you are away from home, you can interact with your devices through your smartphone. For example, if you want to turn on the water heater before you get home, you can do it through your smartphone.

Other than appliance manufacturers, electronic hobbyists are creating IOT devices as well. These are made according to their needs, so they will suit the use case better. These Hobbyists often use devices called Raspberry PI. These are cheap, small, and power-efficient computers that can stay on 24/7. These are as big as credit cards, and cost only $35 (or around ₹3000).

IOT devices will be very popular in the near future, and you should look forward to what they will have to offer.