How to use NFC tags

NFC tag is an innovative way of establishing communication between two devices, this technology can change future of sharing information about the product to their customers with just a small tap on NFC tag from customer’s smartphone.

How to use NFC tags

NFC tag - Use case 1

You are walking on a street and you see a beautiful advertisement banner about a product, you liked the product and want to know more about that product and see where can you buy, what’s the price etc. So what you do is, you take out your smartphone, tap the smartphone on the NFC tag which is placed by the advertiser on the advertisement banner. NFC tag will transfer information about the product to your smartphone. Instead of calling to a given number or going to the website to check for product information, NFC tag may simplify the information sharing process.

NFC tag - Use case 2

When you are at home, you keep your mobile settings like wifi on, Bluetooth on, ringtone on loud volume etc, and when you go for office you change all your mobile settings to wifi off, ringtone on low volume, Bluetooth off etc. So what you can do is get two NFC tags, create a list of settings which are applied at home on one NFC tag and other with office settings on second NFC tag. Now stick bot the NFC tags on the wall somewhere in your home. Now when you are going to your office, just tap your smartphone on the NFC tag which has office settings and when you are back to home tap on the NFC tag which has home settings.

NFC tag - How does it work

NFC stand for (Near Field Communication), as the abbreviation give a clue, it works by generating a magnetic field when a device come close to NFC tag and transfers the information. You can customize the information that can be stored in NFC tag, and use them accordingly.