Make your PC great again

Is your PC getting slow? Let's speed it up. Some tips on making your computer great again!

Make your PC great again

Hardware problem

  • Research your CPU on CNET or a similar site and see if there is anything you can get to upgrade your computer(RAM, CPU, OS) without having to spend too much. If it's a laptop, you will have to look up the laptop instead of the CPU. If you did the research and found out you can upgrade you PC and make it faster for cheap then go for it. Buy what you need to but look for deals and don’t be in a hurry (it could cost you).

  • Open up your computer and carefully clean and use a can of compressed air to blow out dust. Take out the heatsink, and replace the thermal paste. If it's a laptop, this will be a little harder.

Software problem

  • If your OS is slowing down your PC, install Linux on it. It usually doesn’t need great specs to work and it does a great job on low spec computers.

  • If changing your OS is not an option, try resetting it. On windows 8.1 and higher, there is a method to reset your OS through a GUI. If you’re not on windows 8.1 or 10, you can just perform a clean install.

  • Is your storage filling up? This can often be a cause of a slow windows machine. Try to make sure that you always have about 10GB free.

  • Uninstall the programs that are of no need.

  • If you are running windows, look at the bottom right. If you see lots of application icons in a line, uninstall them. In most cases, they sneak in with other applications you installed.

If none of the above works, you will probably just have to build/buy a new PC.