Should you replace your PC with a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is indeed a very capable machine for its price. The question remains.
Could it replace your current PC?
Let's find out!

Should you replace your PC with a Raspberry Pi

We will be comparing a Raspberry Pi 3 to the average Dell used for web browsing and office work.
Let’s start off with a basic spec rundown.

Raspberry Pi 3PC
CPUBroadcom BCM2835Intel Pentium 3252
GPUBroadcom VideoCore IVIntel Integrated Graphics
Operating SystemRaspbian(Debian Linux)Windows 10

As we can see, the PC is 4 times better than the Raspberry Pi in almost every way. The Raspberry Pi is going to have more than a little trouble beating out PC here.

Let's look at what each machine does in everyday applications.

Raspberry Pi 3PC
Web Browsing8/10-Slows down at times9/10-Slows down once in awhile
YouTube Playback5/10-Can’t do it very well9/10-Does the job, no 4k.
Average Number of crashes per day34
Overall Performance9/10-Fast. Sometimes not fast enough5/10-Slow
Operating System8/10-It's hard not to feel handicapped with linux7/10-Not good for this type of machine

The Raspberry Pi manages to do everything the PC does, just a bit slower. However, the Raspberry Pi has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. It can stay on 24/7. This opens it up to all kinds of new uses. You can download stuff overnight and wake up to see no smoke coming out of your machine.

It can overclock. I managed to overclock mine to 2Ghz.

It has software optimized for it. This allows it to be much faster than its competitor. During our testing, we had the Pi opening up google chrome, while the Dell was still starting up.

It has a whole community of members constantly making new software for it. This ensures it has a small piece of software for everything. This machine consumes as much as your phone does. Energy Savings!


The Raspberry Pi is a completely viable option when looking for a new computer. All you need is patience, courage, and the urge to learn and try new things. If you have linux experience, the road will only get smoother.