Should you shut down your computer overnight

Should you shutdown your computer overnight?

In the 90s, we were told that shutting down our computers frequently was a bad practice and that we can damage our hard drives by doing so. But that is more than 2 decades ago. The question remains.
Should we shut down?

Should you shutdown your computer overnight

Back in the 90s, hard drives were fragile pieces of technology. They used to get damaged by being turned on frequently. Today, they are different. They don't get damaged by such things, and they have gotten faster. The modern computer can't be damaged by being turned on and off every day.

The modern computer has also gotten more robust in terms of longevity. By all means, the modern computer can run 24/7. It is not at all rare to see computers running all the time. There is a myth that the longevity of a computer is degraded if it stays on all the time. We have been running a midrange computer 24/7 for two years now. We can confirm that to be wrong.


You can do whatever suits you. Leave it running, or shut it down. All power to you.