Should you use screen protectors

Should you use screen protectors?

Screen protectors are on most of the phones these days. Should one find it's space on your phone?
Let's find out.

Should you use screen protectors

Screen protectors come in two types

  • Plastic screen protectors
  • (Tempered) Glass screen protectors

Most phones use special types of glass that are designed to be more resistant to scratching and breaking. The most popular are Corning Gorilla Glass. Basically, this glass is made by putting the normal glass into a 400°C molten salt bath. In this, the sodium ions leave the glass, and the larger potassium ions squeeze into their place. This creates a layer of compressive stress on the glass, which makes it more resistant to damage from scratching and breaking. This is called an ion-exchange process.

'What does this mean for me', you ask?

The more scratches your glass has, the more prone it becomes to breaking. When your phone is new or has no scratches, it is the most unlikely to break then it will ever be.

We advise you to get a screen protector. Glass screen protectors work best. Not only do they feel better than plastic ones and not scratch much, but they provide the best protection from cracks on your phone glass. We have never cracked the top glass on a phone with a glass screen protector on it.


Get a glass screen protector.