Where Can I Use Raspberry Pi 3

If you are a little bit techie, you must have heard about Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is a 35$ hardware device which can easily be setup as a computer. Raspberry Pi became so popular among techie people because of it’s price and great performance. Let's see where can we use this device to make our home a tech living home.

Where Can I Use Raspberry Pi 3

1. Replacement of TV sticks

There are many people who just couldn't find any alternative to TV sticks and they end up buying a dumb TV stick which can augment just some functionality to your TV. Many products available in the market which converts your ordinary TV to a smart TV, as we are a fan of smart TV right?
So instead of buying costly TV sticks which give you some of the functionality to your ordinary TV, let’s buy a Raspberry Pi which enables you to convert your ordinary TV to a big screen computer, now you can imagine what a computer can do which can not be done by normal TV sticks. Using Raspberry Pi you can surf the web, watch youtube videos, or any other services which are available online for free.

2. Robotics

Those who are the fan of robotics, Raspberry Pi will be a lot of money saver for them. Whether it’s drone, line following bot or any other robotics inventions, Raspberry Pi can be used with a highly extensive programming and great processing experience.

3. IOT

As today’s world is moving towards Internet Of Things, Raspberry Pi can make it’s way to each and every IOT peripheral. Whether it’s home automation, weather calculations etc..

4 Supercomputer

If one Raspberry Pi can do a lot of things, then a cluster of many Raspberry Pi can do the hell lot of things. So why not try making your own supercomputer.

5. Tablet

Using Raspberry Pi along with Rpi Touchscreen, you can build your own tablet.

6. A smartphone

Yes it’s possible to build your own smartphone just like Dave Hunt